Are You Zombie Rated?

Our Mission

At Zombie Rated our mission is building extreme 4×4 undead crawling Jeeps and rating all things Zombie Apocalypse! Oh, and driving these 4×4 masterpieces 😉

The creation of this site was inspired by a love of Jeeps and the Zombie Apocalypse genre. Within the Zombie Jeep enthusiast community, there are things worthy of being Zombie Rated. We intend to seek them out, give them the Zombie Rated thumbs up and then show them to you here.

The Zombie Rated Jeep was built for the Extreme by Duval Off-Road Designs and home mechanic base of Zombie Rated Jeep. If you see the undead crawling beast of a Jeep rolling around Los Angeles know the Zombie Rated Jeep belongs to our friends at Studio City Tattoo.

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