Play Irish Lottery To Win Jackpot By Chasing Your Luck

Two ways of claiming a cash4 lottery prize are provided to winning players of this four-digit game. These are the cash option and the annuity option. The options for claiming a prize are made at the time of purchase. The default option is normally the cash option for winning players whose tickets were unmarked with their preference on how their prize is to be claimed. However,Claiming A Cash4 Lottery Prize Articles in the event that a player changes his mind and decides to claim his prize under the annuity option, he has 60 days from the date the prized to be claimed, is announced, to make a decision.


A cash option in a lottery game, is a one-time payment given directly to the winning player. This is the total amount of prize money given as a lump sum instead of being invested and the income deposited to the winner’s account on a yearly basis. The annuity option is exactly the opposite that of cash option. A cash4 jackpot prize in annuity value is advertised as 26 years for Mega Millions and 30 years for Powerball. This option follows that the jackpot prize is paid by purchasing treasury securities with the U.S government which earns interest annually. A player who chooses the annuity option will then be getting his prize yearly through the annual returns Dnabet for a total of 26 or 30 years depending on which lottery game he had placed his bet.


When claiming a cash4 jackpot prize, claimants are advised to redeem their tickets within 180 days from date of draw. Validity for claiming are lesser by 90 days for winners of instant tickets right after each draw. For prizes exceeding $600, all winning participants must fill out a claim form available at any lottery branch. Along with the claim form, the player must also bring with him the winning ticket, a proof or residence, and his social security card. A pay slip is not accepted as a valid ID in place of a generated ticket from a lottery branch. For prizes worth $600 or even less, participants just need to sign the back of the ticket, present this ticket along with his social security card and proof of residence to any retailer locations.


Cash4 lottery is a 4-digit lottery game famous in the state of Georgia where all other fun and easy lottery games are incorporated to maintain the excitement this state has come to be known. Huge jackpot prizes as well as faster winning prizes are available for the picking. A player just needs to place his bet in as little as a dollar per ticket per draw. Purchasing and winning a ticket can be as easy as 4 steps.